Friday, December 18, 2009

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mobile shopping via smart phones... a disruptive technology

A Very Busy Semester!

Funny how much the world has changed since my last post here. I continue to enjoy following Google's quest to compete with Apple Inc. (i.e. the Android versus the iphone). The NYT Online Technology section continues to chronicle the development of two "next big things": 1) the "Internet of Things" and 2) augmented reality. Of course cloud computing is getting significant "buzz."

I'm gearing up to teach a course on Google Inc this January and then it is back to Spring Semester. Over the holidays I intend to watch plenty of Turner Classic Movies and the MLB Channel. All of that and course preps.

Well that is about all of my drivel to share in this blog no one ever reads...LOL. But this is a journey not a destination. The experience of authoring this blog makes me appreciate bloggers who have weekly or even daily output.

Classic movie fans should check out the Movie Morlock at I am part of the TCM community and have even started a few threads of my own.